Getting Started

Review Academic Requirements under Process and Application

Sophomores should consider the option of junior year away as they begin the process of considering major fields and course requirements in the fall of their sophomore year.  Students may study at another college or university, in this country or abroad, during their junior year for a semester or the academic year.

All students in good standing with no deficiencies and who will satisfy the residency requirement of the College, including financial aid recipients, may study away on approved programs during all or part of their junior year.

Financial aid is available for eligible recipients, but students must confer with the Financial Aid Office.

Academic credit is earned after evidence of the satisfactory completion of the program with graded courses in the liberal arts only.

Any accommodations you receive at Williams for a disability can be requested of the program on which you plan to study.  (This is not required.) To explore this option, set up a meeting with the Director of Academic Resources well in advance of departing for your program.

Your first steps in the Study Away process at Williams are:

1) Attend a Study Away Information session in the fall semester (dates found here)

2) Complete and submit a Study Away Questionnaire

3) Attend a General Study Away Advising session in the fall semester (dates found here) – this is required. Students who do not complete this step will not receive Director’s approval to study away.

4) Meet with the Director of International Education and Study to discuss your plans (this is not required if you have attended a group advising session!). You should have first attended a group advising session before meeting with the Director.