Study Away Advising

  • Program Literature
    There are some study abroad brochures and catalogs in the International Education and Study Away Office for programs which Williams approves. Stetson Sawyer Library has a large selection of books specific on countries and area studies which will help you to learn more about possible destinations. You are expected to have read the literature on your program before meeting with the Director. This is very important, come to your meeting prepared!


  • General Information Meetings
    In September and October the Director will hold general information meetings on study away. You must attend one of these sessions before meeting with the Director. The meetings will be announced in Campus Messages and WSO Announcements,  and a Schedule of Study Abroad Events will be emailed to sophomores and posted in the International Education and Study Away Office.


  • International Education and Study Away Fair
    Many program representatives will come to campus in mid-September to attend our Study Away Fair.  They will be available to talk with prospective applicants and to describe their programs.  The Fair goes on for several hours and students are strongly urged to attend.  The program representatives can provide you with first-hand information about the programs in which you are interested, as well as brochures, catalogues and applications.Students who have returned from study away will be available to answer questions and discuss their experiences with you.


  • Student Evaluations
    The program evaluations from students who have most recently studied away are on this website and earlier evaluations are kept in notebooks in the International Education and Study Away Office. Students considering study away should read these evaluations carefully and talk to students who have returned recently from study away. Each student who studied away is required to complete a program evaluation when he/she returns and the evaluations are only accessible to those on the Purple Air network. These evaluations are very helpful resources.


  • Meetings with the Director
    You can schedule an appointment with the Director after you have attended a study abroad information session, done your research and have a plan of where you want to study and why. The appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. You  must meet with the Director prior to January 1 whether you plan to study away in the fall, spring, or full year. Those students on campus during Winter Study may meet with the Director during January.  Please call x4262 or email [email protected] with days and times you are available.