Glossary of Terms

  • Approved Program

    Williams approves various programs for students to participate on. Any student who wants to deviate from the listed options must meet with the Director to discuss the program and process.

  • CAS

    The Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) gives final approval of your study away plans and approves your study away transcript for credit.

  • CAS Letter

    Your official approval letter from the CAS sent via email which outlines your study away program, semester, and the number of credits and/or course required to receive credit at Williams.

  • CAS Petition

    Your request to the Committee on Academic Standing for permission to study away outside of the normal semesters; new program approval; credit for a course that may not be eligible for Williams credit.

  • Course List Approval

    Courses will be approved by the Director if they are in the liberal arts only and that approval is recorded in the student's PeopleSoft petition.

  • Course Load

    Included in your CAS letter is the number of courses which equal the required credits for the study away program for the semester.

  • Credit in the Major

    You may select courses that are approved for major credit by the chair of the department.

  • Direct Enrollment

    Applying directly to a university for study away acceptance rather than a third party program provider. This option is for very independent students who are comfortable navigating a foreign academic culture and documentation for international travel.

  • EDI

    Exploring Diversity Initiative. You can petition to receive EDI credit upon completion of your study away program coursework. You will be notified by the Study Away Office to sign up.

  • Intended Course List

    Students are required to submit their course list to the Director for approval for Williams credit and the requirements of the study away program as soon as their list is complete.

  • International Education Week

    Mid-November - Study Away Director coordinates a series of events and panels with CFLLC, Fellowships, SYE, Career Counseling, First Generation Initiative.

  • ISIC

    International Student Identity Card - Your passport to fantastic discounts both at home and abroad. See Registrar's website for details.

  • Liberal Arts

    Academic subjects within the humanities, social, and physical sciences. Disciplines offered at Williams College. No pre-professional, business, or technical/training courses.

  • New Program Approval

    Form and process which a student may submit to have a new program approved for study and credit by Williams.

  • Not Applicable

    Selection for the "country" drop down menu of PeopleSoft petition when searching for a program that offers study in multiple countries.

  • Off Campus Health Verification Form

    Every Williams student studying away must be covered by health insurance and is required to complete, sign, and submit this electronic form indicating their health coverage while away (internationally and domestically) to the Study Away Office in the semester prior to studying away.

  • Overlap Dates

    Normally for spring semester, programs may begin mid- to late-January; Winter Study dates may overlap. If so, credit is granted once study away semester has been successfully completed.

  • Petition Deadline

    March 1 for all semesters for the following year: fall, spring, full academic year away.

  • Pre-Departure Webinar

    Pre-departure presentation of information which ends with a quiz required for all students who study away to view and complete prior to departing for their study away semester.

  • Program Acceptance

    The notification that you receive directly from your study away program that you have been accepted to participate.

  • Program Inactive List

    Consists of those programs that are not approved for Williams Study Away credit but have been approved and attended by students in the past.

  • Quick Question Drop-In Hours

    Every Friday from 1:30-3:30pm is designated for students to drop in if they have a specific short question in mind to discuss with the Director. Will be seen on a first come, first served basis. If you have topics to discuss that will take longer than 10 minutes, an appointment can be scheduled.

  • Risk and Release Agreement

    Every Williams student studying away (internationally or domestically)is required to complete, sign, and submit this electronic document to the Study Away Office in the semester prior to studying away.

  • School of Record Transcript

    Offered through a provider and not necessary to pay for since Williams will accept the program provider's official transcript of grades for credit.

  • SOS International

    Williams students are automatically enrolled in this special insurance coverage.

  • Study Away Credits Required

    Included in your CAS letter. Credits required by the study away program to complete the semester of study are equivalent to a semester at Williams.

  • Study Away Essay

    Required to complete and submit an essay from the Study Away Essay Questions with your petition by the petition deadline.

  • Study Away Fair

    Hosted annually by Williams in mid-September for program provider representatives to visit campus and answer students' questions about study away.

  • Study Away Language Sessions

    Williams Language Departments host information sessions in the fall semester for sophomores who are interested in studying abroad.

  • Study Away Petition

    Your request to study off campus at another institution during your junior year for credit at Williams; including Williams programs (WEPO and Mystic). This petition represents a tentative registration for study away.

  • Study Away Questionnaire

    Required to be completed and submitted prior to meeting with the Director regarding your study away plans. It is located on our website under "Process and Application."

  • Webinar Quiz

    Required to complete once you have viewed the entire Pre-Departure Webinar presentation.

  • WEPO

    Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford.

  • Winter Study

    Term in January which students choose from a specific list of courses to study for credit. Please consult with the Registrar's Office on the course options. Winter Study dates may overlap with spring semester study away program start date.