International SOS

Williams is committed above all to the safety of our students, whether they’re here on campus or studying far away.

While all Williams international programs have outstanding reputations for securing students’ health and wellbeing, International SOS provides an additional, indispensable layer of protection. Williams requires all students to sign up for this service before they begin their journeys and to post updates for short-term travel once they’re settled abroad (a weekend in Paris if they’re studying in London, for example). International SOS’s many features include:

  • 24/7 access to world-class medical and security services. One call will connect a student with doctors, nurses, logistics coordinators and security teams.
  • A tracking service that sends out continually updated alerts to students who might be at particular risk following any significant incidents or threats.
  • Country guides with detailed health and safety tips, maps and cultural information. Students can consult this information on the web or mobile app and receive it by email as a pre-trip advisory.

Perhaps the most important International SOS feature is one that will inform us at Williams of any emerging medical or security risks that might affect our students. This essential service works only as well as each student’s commitment to updating it as they travel. So please, please encourage your own student to add your own contact information to their SOS profile, and to update their whereabouts as they move from place to place when they study away from Williams.

Registration information for Williams Study Away students is available on this PDF document.

Additional information about International SOS is available through the Health Center website.

Learn more about International SOS on their website.