Other International Experiences at Williams

Study Away isn’t the only way to get an international experience at Williams! Find more information about other opportunities here!

  • Winter Study Travel Courses – Winter Study at Williams offers some courses that travel as part of the program. Both domestic and international options are available. Spots in the travel courses are usually limited, so make sure to attend the information sessions and sign up quickly!
  • Spring Break Trips – Spring Break Break Out Trips are another way to experience the world. Local, Domestic and International trips are available, all of them with a service component.
  • Fellowships – Funded opportunities during undergrad years or postgrad. Both National as well as Williams funded opportunities available.
  • Summer Study Away – Many students ask us about study away in the summer. Almost all program providers offer summer options for credit. There are internships, language immersion, teaching programs, university summer schools and many other opportunities. While Williams does not award summer credit, students can still take advantage of these opportunities if they wish to. You would get a transcript from the program and be able to put the experience on your resume, it just would not be reflected on your Williams transcript.