Pre-Departure Planning

Before you depart keep in mind:

  • Most of you will be serving as a representative of Williams College while studying abroad whether that is your intention or not. Because you will be representing an American higher education institution, you may be expected to discuss your perspectives on all things American. This can include conversations about the role of the United States in international affairs and certainly about American popular culture. Be prepared.
  • Do your homework about the culture you will be entering and the differences you will encounter.
  • You will probably not be taken care of like you are here at Williams. It’s best to expect this and maybe be pleasantly surprised.
  • Be flexible! Whether you’re in Great Britain or Tanzania, you are in a foreign country. The enjoyment of your new experiences depends on your being open-minded and willing to adapt.
  • YOUR experience depends on YOU.
  • Use this checklist to help you wrap up all loose ends at Williams before you depart.

Study Away Pre-Departure Webinar

Students departing for study away are required to complete the Pre-Departure Webinar and quiz.


Spring Semester Study Away:  December 1, 2017

Fall and Full Year Study Away:  April 20, 2018

Tips to navigate the webinar:

  • Links within the webinar only work when viewing in “full screen” mode.
  • Move your cursor to the right side of your screen to zoom in on the slides if you choose to go back to a certain topic
  • Run your cursor over the selected slide and click on it to bring it forward

I’ve Been Accepted… Now What?:

  • Once you are accepted to your program, confirm your intent to study away by filling out the Confirmation of Acceptance online form.  If this program differs from the program on your petition, contact the Director to see if she will require a new study away essay for the program.
  • CAS (Committee on Academic Standing) Letter:  It is your responsibility to confirm the course and credit information contained in this letter is correct. If it is not, advise the International Education and Study Away office immediately.
  • CAS Letter: Pages 2 and 3 outline your next steps in the process.  Read thoroughly.

Refer to instructions for more information.