• Obtain or Renew your Passport. Begin this process immediately when considering applying to your program(s) abroad. If your passport expires before, during, or less than six months after the end date of your program, it must be renewed. If it is a youth passport, you must reapply for an adult passport.
  • Research opportunities to study away. The information is available on our Programs and Locations page and attend the virtual International Education and Study Away fair.
  • Review Study Away General Advising Videos (who, what, where, when, and why of the process to Study Away from Williams). 
  • Schedule an Advising Meeting (as needed). Please use the following links below to schedule a meeting on Google Meet with our office. Make sure to include in your appointment request the reason for your meeting (questions you have, issues you wish to discuss etc.)!
  • Schedule an appointment with Isabel if you have general study away questions relating to topics such as the application process, locations/program options, requirements, financial aid, credits abroad, etc.
  • Schedule an appointment with Tina if you have a unique circumstance relating to study away such as submitting a new program approval petition, planning to study away some time other than your junior year, etc.
  • Complete Study Away General Application and Study Away Essay. These will be available in October for the one time March 1st deadline. You must submit an application in your sophomore year to study away for the fall, spring, or full academic year. The WEPO application deadline is February 1st.
  • Apply directly to your Study Away Program(s). You may apply to as many as you wish, your petition can only reflect your first choice program.
  • Submit Program Authorization/Approval Form. This step may not apply to all study away programs, you will receive this form during your application process to your program. The Director will sign this form only if she has met with you about your plans and you have submitted your general application and essays.
  • Williams College Study Away Contact Information
    List on your study away program application the following home institution contact information:

    Williams College
    International Education and Study Away
    Attn: Christina Stoiciu, Director
    [email protected]

  • Confirm Program Acceptance. Complete this form to confirm your intent to study away. Include the program name and dates of the program with this confirmation.  You cannot access your General Application to make changes after it has been submitted.  If the program is different from the program listed on your General Application, let us know, and your application will be amended administratively.  In this case you must also include the courses you intend to take and any changes made to the selection of courses for major credit on General Application. If the location of study changes, you will be required to submit a new set of essays.
  • Receive the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) Letter. You will receive your CAS letter of approval to study away via email. The letter will include the credit requirements of your program as well as the term of study away and the program.  It is your responsibility to notify the International Education and Study Away Office if any of this information is incorrect.
  • Complete Pre-Departure Webinar and Forms. All students who have confirmed their acceptance to study away are required to complete the Pre-Departure Webinar and take the Quiz by the deadline specified for their semester away.
  • Submit your budget to Student Financial Services (if applicable) and work with the Office of Student Financial Services on program payment prior to departure.
  • Request Study Away Transcript and Credit. All students are responsible for requesting their transcripts to be sent to the International Education and Study Away office once they complete their program. The program transcript of grades will not be processed for Williams credit until the program evaluation is received.
    •  Request two official transcripts, one for your own records and one to be sent to Christina Stoiciu, Director:

      Williams College
      Office of International Education and Study Away
      PO Box 518
      Williamstown, MA 01267

      or delivery (instead of PO Box):

      Williams College
      Office of International Education and Study Away
      Hopkins Hall, 2nd Floor
      880 Main Street
      Williamstown, MA 01267

    • **The transcript can also be sent electronically to [email protected]

  • Complete Program Evaluation in order for credit to transfer. Transcripts will not be processed until this step is completed.