Programs & Locations

Please choose your study away program from those listed below. These programs have been previously approved for credit within the liberal arts and continue to be recommended by Williams academic departments. We keep our knowledge of programs current through student evaluations and ongoing site visits. Programs may be added or removed from this list at the Office of International Education and Study Away’s discretion. Students may propose a new program through an approval process and that form can be found on this website under “new program approval petition.” You must meet with the Director prior to submitting this form.

Follow the links below to the program websites to research available offerings and see whether the program is suited to your specific strengths and academic needs. The list can be sorted by program and location columns. You should work closely with the faculty in the department of your intended major if you are seeking credit for any of your study away courses.

You are required to meet with the Director of International Education and Study Away about your study away plans prior to requesting a signature on a program approval form and prior to confirming participation with your program of choice.

No Business program tracks, pre-professional programs or Open Campus programs will be approved.


Program City Semester/Year Country Region
CIEE Gaborone Sem/Year Botswana Africa
American University in Cairo (AUC) Cairo Sem/Year Egypt Africa
SFS Arusha Semester Tanzania Africa
SIT Nairobi Semester Kenya Africa
SIT Fort Dauphin Semester Madagascar Africa
IES Rabat Semester Morocco Africa
SIT:  Migration Studies Program OR Multiculturalism and Human Rights Rabat Semester Morocco Africa
SIT Kigali Semester Rwanda Africa
CIEE Dakar Sem/Year Senegal Africa
SIT Dakar Semester Senegal Africa
University of Minnesota (MSID) Dakar Semester Senegal Africa
CIEE Cape Town Sem/Year South Africa Africa
Duke / OTS Kruger National Park Semester South Africa Africa
SIT: Social and Political Transformation OR Community, Health and Social Policy OR Multiculturalism and Human Rights Cape Town, Durban Semester South Africa Africa
SIT Zanzibar Semester Tanzania Africa
SIT Kampala Semester Uganda Africa
IFSA Butler Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Argentine Universities Sem/Year Argentina Americas
IES Buenos Aires Sem/Year Argentina Americas
Middlebury Buenos Aires Sem/Year Argentina Americas
SIT Buenos Aires Sem/Year Argentina Americas
SIT Cochabamba Semester Bolivia Americas
CET Sao Paulo Semester Brazil Americas
IFSA Butler Valpariso Sem/Year Chile Americas
IES Santiago Sem/Year Chile Americas
SIT Santiago Semester Chile Americas
ICADS San Jose Sem/Year Costa Rica Americas
CIEE Monteverde Semester Costa Rica Americas
Duke / OTS San Jose Semester Costa Rica Americas
SFS Atenas Semester Costa Rica Americas
IFSA Butler Havana Semester Cuba Americas
CIEE Santiago Sem/Year Dominican Republic Americas
IES Galapagos, Quito Year Ecuador Americas
SIT Quito Semester Ecuador Americas
Augsburg CGEE: Migration, Globalization, and the Environment OR Crossing Borders: Gender and Social Change in Mesoamerica Cuernavaca Semester Mexico Americas
IFSA Butler Merida Sem, Year Mexico Americas
SIT Panama City Semester Panama Americas
IFSA Butler Lima Semester Peru Americas
SIT Cuzco Semester Peru Americas
Williams Mystic Mystic Connecticut Semester United States Americas
Spelman College Atlanta Semester United States Americas
Columbia University Visiting Student Program New York Semester United States Americas
Harvard University Visiting Student Program Boston Semester United States Americas
Howard University Washington DC Semester United States Americas
Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) Boston Semester United States Americas
National Theatre Institute (NTI) New York Semester United States Americas
SFS Cockburn Harbor Semester Turks and Caicos Islands Americas
Wheaton in Bhutan Bhutan Semester Bhutan Asia
SFS Bhutan Semester Bhutan Asia
SFS Siem Reap Semester Cambodia Asia
Hamilton College / Associated Colleges in China Beijing Sem/Year China Asia
CET Beijing,Harbin, Shanghai Sem/Year China Asia
Middlebury Hangzhou Sem/Year China Asia
CIEE Nanjing Sem/Year China Asia
CIEE Shanghai Sem/Year China Asia
SIT Kunming Semester China Asia
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Sem/Year Hong Kong Asia
Syracuse University Hong Kong Sem/Year Hong Kong Asia
Alliance for Global Education Pune Sem/Year India Asia
Carleton-Antioch / Buddhist Studies Bodh Gaya Fall India Asia
SIT: Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and  Community OR Sustainable Development and Social Change Jaipur, Delhi Semester India Asia
South India Term Abroad (SITA) Madurai Sem/Year India Asia
SIT Bali Semester Indonesia Asia
Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) Kyoto Sem/Year Japan Asia
CIEE Tokyo Sem/Year Japan Asia
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) Kyoto Sem/Year Japan Asia
Japan Study Program at Waseda University Tokyo Sem/Year Japan Asia
IES Nagoya, Tokyo Sem/Year Japan Asia
EWHA Women’s University Seoul Sem/Year South Korea Asia
CIEE Seoul Sem/Year South Korea Asia
SRAS Bishkek Sem/Year Kyrgyzstan Asia
SIT Ulaanbaatar Semester Mongolia Asia
SIT: Tibetan Studies-Himalayan People OR Development and Social Change Kathmandu Semester Nepal Asia
National University Singapore Singapore Sem/Year Singapore Asia
CIEE Taipei Sem/Year Taiwan Asia
ICLP Taipei Year Taiwan Asia
CIEE Khon Khaen Semester Thailand Asia
SIT Ho Chi Minh City Semester Vietnam Asia
IES Vienna Sem/Year Austria Europe
University of Graz Graz Year Austria Europe
University of Vienna Vienna Year Austria Europe
IFE Brussels Sem/Year Belgium Europe
CET Prague Semester Czech Republic Europe
CIEE Prague Sem/Year Czech Republic Europe
SIT Balkans Sem/Year Czech Republic Europe
Prague Film School Prague Sem/Year Czech Republic Europe
DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia Copenhagen Sem/Year Denmark Europe
Advanced Studies in England (ASE) Bath/Oxford Sem/Year England U.K. Europe
Arcadia Goldsmiths, University of  London, University of Manchester Sem/Year England U.K. Europe
IFSA Butler: SOAS, King’s College, UCL, or University of Cambridge London Sem/Year England U.K. Europe
IES London Sem/Year England U.K. Europe
London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) London Semester England U.K. Europe
London School of Economics (LSE) London Year England U.K. Europe
Williams Exeter Programme at Oxford (WEPO) Oxford Year England U.K. Europe
Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance London Semester England U.K. Europe
Boston University Grenoble French Studies Grenoble Sem/Year France Europe
Center for University Programs Abroad (CUPA) Paris Sem/Year France Europe
Hamilton College in Paris Paris Sem/Year France Europe
IFE Paris, Strausbourg Sem/Year France Europe
Middlebury Bordeaux, Paris Sem/Year France Europe
Sweet Briar College Paris Sem/Year France Europe
Wellesley in Aix Aix-en-Provence Spring/Year France Europe
Berlin Consortium for German Studies Berlin Year Germany Europe
IES Berlin, Frieberg, Humboldt Univ. Year Germany Europe
Middlebury Berlin, Mainz Year Germany Europe
University of Regensburg Regensburg Year Germany Europe
Smith College Hamburg Year Germany Europe
College Year in Athens Athens Sem/Year Greece Europe
AIT Budapest Sem/Year Hungary Europe
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Budapest Sem/Year Hungary Europe
CIEE Budapest Sem/Year Hungary Europe
Center for Ecological Living and Learning  (CELL) Sólheimar Semester Iceland Oceania
National University of Ireland, Galway Sem/Year Ireland Europe
IES Dublin Sem/Year Ireland Europe
Accademia Dell’Arte Arezzo Semester Italy Europe
Arcadia Perugia, Rome Sem/Year Italy Europe
Brown in Bologna Bologna Sem/Year Italy Europe
Cornell in Rome Rome Sem/Year Italy Europe
IES Milan, Rome Sem/Year Italy Europe
Intercollegiate Center Classical Studies (ICCS) Rome Sem/Year Italy Europe
Georgetown in Florence Florence Semester Italy Europe
Studio Art Centers International (SACI) Florence Sem/Year Italy Europe
Siena School for Liberal Arts Siena Sem/Year Italy Europe
Siena Art Institute Siena Sem/Year Italy Europe
Siena Italian Studies Siena Sem/Year Italy Europe
Syracuse University Florence Sem/Year Italy Europe
Trinity College in Rome Rome Sem/Year Italy Europe
CIEE Amsterdam Sem/Year Netherlands Europe
IES Amsterdam Sem/Year Netherlands Europe
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim Sem/Year Norway Europe
CIEE Warsaw Sem/Year Poland Europe
CIEE Lisbon Sem/Year Portugal Europe
IFSA Butler Edinburgh Sem/Year Scotland U.K. Europe
IFSA Butler St. Andrews Sem/Year Scotland U.K. Europe
Arcadia Barcelona, Granada Sem/Year Spain Europe
Brethren College Abroad (BCA) Barcelona Sem/Year Spain Europe
Brown in Barcelona Barcelona Sem/Year Spain Europe
CIEE Seville, Barcelona Spr/Year Spain Europe
Duke in Madrid Madrid Sem/Year Spain Europe
Hamilton College in Madrid Madrid Sem/Year Spain Europe
IES Madrid, Salamanca, Granada (for adv. language students only) Sem/Year Spain Europe
Middlebury Madrid Sem/Year Spain Europe
Syracuse University Madrid Sem/Year Spain Europe
University of Virginia in Valencia Valencia Sem/Year Spain Europe
PRESCHO Cordoba Sem/Year Spain Europe
DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia Stockholm Sem/Year Sweden Europe
The Swedish Progam Stockholm Sem/Year Sweden Europe
Boston University Geneva Physics Program Geneva Semester Switzerland Europe
ETH Zurich Zurich Sem/Year Switzerland Europe
SIT: Global Health and Development Policies OR International Relations and Multicultural Diplomacy Geneva Semester Switzerland Europe
CIEE St.Petersburg Semester Russia Europe
Middlebury Moscow, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl Sem/Year Russia Europe
National Theatre Institute (NTI) Moscow Semester Russia Europe
Bard / Smolny St. Petersburg Sem/Year Russia Europe
SRAS St. Petersburg Sem/Year Russia Europe
University of Haifa Haifa Sem/Year Israel Middle East
Hebrew University Jerusalem Spring/Year Israel Middle East
Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Sem/Year Israel Middle East
CET Amman Sem/Year Jordan Middle East
CIEE Amman Sem/Year Jordan Middle East
Middlebury Amman Sem/Year Jordan Middle East
SIT: Geopolitics, Int’l Relations and Future of Middle East OR Refugees, Health and Humanitarian Action Amman Semester Jordan Middle East
IFSA Butler Melbourne, New South Wales, Sydney Sem/Year Australia Oceania
SFS Queensland Semester Australia Oceania
SIT Byron Bay, Cairns Semester Australia Oceania
SIT Various Sem/Year Iceland, Greenland Oceania
Arcadia Wellington, Dunedin Sem/Year New Zealand Oceania
Frontiers Abroad Christchurch, Auckland Semester New Zealand Oceania
IES Christchurch, Auckland Semester New Zealand Oceania
Carleton-Antioch  / Women’s Studies Europe Fall World Multiple Country Program
IHP Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges and Advocacy Various Semester World Multiple Country Program
IHP Rethinking Food Security: People, Agriculture and Politics Various Fall World Multiple Country Program
IHP Cities in the 21st Century Various Semester World Multiple Country Program
IHP Health and Community: Globalization, Culture and Care Various Semester World Multiple Country Program
IHP Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy Various Semester World Multiple Country Program