Study Away Evaluation

Study Away Evaluation

  • Disclaimer

    The evaluation you are about to complete will be shared on the Williams College International Education and Study Away website. This will be accessible as a public resource which includes the Williams community as well as any person who has access to the Purple Air network. Please be aware that any feedback you share on your program evaluation form will be viewed by those who access our website and your name and email address will be disclosed. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please email [email protected]
    If you would not like to have this evaluation posted on our website, please check this box. We will then keep the evaluation confidential and for internal review only.
  • If more than one country, use "Various". Do NOT list "United Kingdom" or "UK" - list actual country of study away program i.e. England, Scotland, etc. Do NOT abbreviate the name of study away country.
  • Date of Program: (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Date of Program: (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • Courses taken, assignments & examinations, teaching format (lectures, seminars, etc.)
  • e.g., quality of instruction, degree of academic rigor, course content and selection, library facilities, access to and interest of faculty, evaluation, and grading)
  • LANGUAGE (answer if the main language of the host country was not English)




  • Please comment on the program administration, extra-curricular or non-academic aspects of the program, helpfulness of resident director, etc.
  • Please comment on your adjustment to the new culture and your degree of integration into the society.