Study Away Forms

Here is a list of important forms/links for study away students:

  1. Potential Students/Applicants:
    1. Study Away Questionnaire
    2. Study Away Petition and Essays submission form (Due by March 1st for the next academic year – Fall/Spring/Academic Year)
  2. Pre-Departure/Accepted Students:
    1. Confirmation of Acceptance Form – once you are accepted and plan on attending a program, complete this form to get final approval from Williams to study away. You will receive an approval letter after we process your acceptance. Until you have that letter, you plans to study away are not finalized!
    2. Health Verification Form
    3. Risk and Release Agreement Form
    4. Pre-Departure Webinar and Quiz – Will now be in GLOW system for all students with petitions approved by CAS.
    5. Travel Advisory Release Agreement Form (*only for students traveling to countries with heightened travel advisories)
  3. Returning students:
    1. Study Away Program Evaluation (mandatory for all students to complete)