Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford (WEPO) Instructions

Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford (WEPO)

Timeline for Applications


Any sophomore who wishes to attend the WEPO program in their junior year can do so by following the easy steps below.

Student is required to:

  1. Attend a Study Away Information Session in the fall semester
  2. Complete a Study Away Questionnaire
  3. Meet with the Director to discuss attending WEPO, discussion will include the WEPO application and interview process
  4. Submit Study Away petition in PeopleSoft before applying WEPO in January (petition is available from October 1 to March 1 in PeopleSoft)
  5. Submit a Study Away Essay with hard copy of petition to Study Away Office upon completion
  6. Complete WEPO application when it is available

By completing the Study Away petition, the student has requested to study off campus on a Williams program for credit towards his/her Williams degree.

Once the student is admitted to the program, they are coded administratively and the appropriate offices on campus are notified; i.e. Housing, Financial Aid, Bursar, Registrar, Dining Services, etc.